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I’m here to live a full life and have remarkable experiences with my fellow humans. I seek out powerful ideas and creative people who are putting amazing things into the world.

My journey has lead me through two startups that were acquired as well as some time in fortune 20 enterprise. My true passion is making game-changing products.

I’ve helped companies develop products and services in financial tech, medical tech, logistics tech, security, music industry, talent acquisition and sports performance.

Vince Marotte

My path has not been the usual route having studied theology and philosophy but I count my peculiar journey as a strength in product development and business growth as my understanding of human nature is at the center of my day to day leading of my teams and delivering remarkable products and services to my customers.


Every two years I take on a small cohort of professionals to coach using my “Play To Win” model. My objective is to help you amplify your strengths, navigate your weaknesses, and maximize flow state. All enclosed in a holistic and healthy life model. Reach out to my team here and we can answer your questions and see if we can make it work.


My sweet spot is at the extremes of organizational lifecycle helping new companies refine their offering and injecting fresh ideas into mature organizations. Fresh eyes and a robust product process can supercharge your team. Contact me to get started.