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A True Thing, Poorly Expressed, Is A Lie

    If you spend much time around me you’ll quickly learn that I’m HUGE fan of movies. Not only as consumer of them but as a student of how they are written, structured, shot, edited, etc. I’ve leveraged what film makers know and do to be a part of my toolbox in product creation; product is story.

    Side note; Denis Villeneuve is currently the best director making movies right now…in my not so humble opinion. Part of the reason I enjoy his work so much is due to several factors but one key one is that he refuses to compromise. Nerdwriter explains that in his piece below; “Arrival – A Response To Bad Movies”.

    So how does this relate to product? Are we just creating product to meet market demand? That is to say, are we settling at what we know will sell and not going beyond that? Are we taking a risk to truly innovate and bring something remarkable to our customers? It’s definitely a tough sell to the board when you want to take a chance on something remarkable; but man is it refreshing!