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2024 Predictions

    Jambi from Pee Wee's Playhouse

    Its been a while since I did annual predictions so here goes nothing.

    • Offshore development shops will see huge decline: AI will supercharge software engineering teams to the point where demand for offshore supplementation will collapse.
    • Monetize everything: Hotels will start to charge a fee to plug into power outlets in your room. Airlines will do the same at your seat.
    • AI in Talent Tech: Employers have had “robots” screening out viable candidates for years; job seekers are now armed with the same tech to beat the robots. Humans will have to make hiring decisions again and this is a good thing.
    • The mid-budget movie is gone ($20m – $70m): The death cycle of mid-budget movies will complete this year, we will be left with blockbuster attempts, arthouse films, and streaming trash.
    • Professional Sports will surge in value: As we continue to connect globally the TAM of regional sports will expand to the globe. Once niche sports will gain huge value (Cycling, Volleyball, Women’s Sports). Legacy team sports will see massive gains in values of teams.
    • Comeback of the hybrid car: I think Toyota got this one right, an all-electric future is much farther away then we thought, especially in the United States. Mercedes will back pedal on their all-electric goal of 2030.
    • Real estate will balance: The traditionally high priced metro areas will maintain price while the up and coming cities will continue to increase. Younger people are moving back to the city and they’re renting, not buying. Older people are looking for that “last house I ever buy” and some space so they will be looking to move away from the bigger metro areas and paying cash.