Music | Weekly Hitlist

Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction singing ‚ÄòGirl, you‚Äôll be a woman soon‚ÄôI have been super busy this week at the computer. One of those weeks that has had ‘tent making’ in front of ministry. When I really need to bury my head in some work, I run a movie on one of my monitors. Sometimes that placement of a song in a movie can create an amazing scene. Not unlike Tom Cruise in Risky Business with Seger’s ‘Old Time Rock ‘n Roll’. Here are the three best music placement scenes in my three favorite movies.

  • Snatch | ‘golden brown’ by The Stranglers. The scene where Mickey knocks out Gorgeous George. The song just feels like being knocked out. |VIDEO|
  • Get Shorty | ‘panacea’ by DJ Greyboy. The scene where Chili walks into the restaurant and kicks some butt on the stairs. Cool is the only way to describe it. Plus I’m a big greyboy fan…which is probably the real reason I like it. |VIDEO|
  • Pulp Fiction | ‘girl, you’ll be a women soon’ by Neil Diamond performed by Urge Overkill. My wife always has music on and isn’t bashful about grooving and singing along. |VIDEO|

What’s your favorite music scene from a movie?

Movie Review | No Country For Old Men

sugar.jpgI generally get a ‘feeling’ that a movie might be good, Otherwise I wouldn’t see very many movies because I’m generally turned off by most ad campaigns for movies. They seem to over hype and get people to watch based on visuals…I don’t care for special effects. So I had a feeling this movie would be pretty good, and it was.

When the closing credits rolled I said to myself, “That was real.”, while most of the theater pissed and moaned about what they thought to be a bad ending. Not that I thought it was a true story…just that it was a beautiful glimpse into reality and truth.

I was introduced to a character that was so evil yet so true that I was in awe every time he was on screen. Anton Chigurh, is played by Javier Bardem and he may be my new favorite actor. He has and ethic and a wisdom to him that you must admire as you learn that he is a man alone and in great pain, that is if you can look past the fact that he is pretty much murdering every person in his way.

I don’t want to give anything away so I will leave the details at that. No Country for Old Men is a slow and intense movie that will challenge you to find truth surrounded by evil, which has always been hard for Christians.

If you liked Little Miss Sunshine last year, then this is your flick for ’07, Deep and heavy…if you like to check out and be entertained…you will be let down.

Movies | Expelled

I think Expelled has a chance of being taken seriously. Mainly because it wasn’t made by Christians. When I say it that way it sounds cold, but it’s true. Did you see ‘Left Behind’? Aside from extremely suspect theology it looked like a movie thrown together by junior highers.

I have been reading ‘Science and the Akashic Field‘ for the last few months. Not that I am a slow reader, but the book requires several reads and re-reads. Then you have to debrief with other people who have read it to pull together some thoughts. It is an amazing book. I will be doing a review on it over at The Mystery Is the Truth after Christmas.

Needless to say, as a self proclaimed ‘deep thinker’ and philosophy buff, I am excited to see what Ben Stein pulls together for Expelled. The movie comes out in February.

My predictions are these:

  1. If it’s good, you won’t hear anything about it.
  2. If it sucks, your church will do a teaching series on it.

Time will tell.

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Movies | Good Flicks

I’m a movie fan. I love really good timeless movies, and really lame comedies.

Sometimes there are those times when you don’t know what movie to watch. So I have a few movies that I lean on when I’m not sure what mood I’m in and I just need to check out and be entertained.

  • Get Shorty | John Travolta in his prime. This movie is funny, smart, and cool…all at the same time. My DVD is starting to get a little scratched up from seeing so much action in my player. If you haven’t heard of it, you may have heard of the sequel…’Be Cool’. A little watered down, but still good.
  • This Is Spinal Tap | Classic. My wife hates it.
  • Snatch | One of the best movies ever made. I’m pretty much always in the mood to watch Snatch.