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The Rocker

Rainn Wilson is hilarious. Hopefully The Rocker is as funny as the trailer:

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Music | Weekly Hitlist

I have been super busy this week at the computer. One of those weeks that has had ‘tent making’ in front of ministry. When I really need to bury my head in some work, I run a movie on one of my monitors. Sometimes that placement of a song in a movie can create an […]

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Movie Review | No Country For Old Men

I generally get a ‘feeling’ that a movie might be good, Otherwise I wouldn’t see very many movies because I’m generally turned off by most ad campaigns for movies. They seem to over hype and get people to watch based on visuals…I don’t care for special effects. So I had a feeling this movie would […]

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Movies | Expelled

I think Expelled has a chance of being taken seriously. Mainly because it wasn’t made by Christians. When I say it that way it sounds cold, but it’s true. Did you see ‘Left Behind’? Aside from extremely suspect theology it looked like a movie thrown together by junior highers. I have been reading ‘Science and […]

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Movies | Good Flicks

I’m a movie fan. I love really good timeless movies, and really lame comedies. Sometimes there are those times when you don’t know what movie to watch. So I have a few movies that I lean on when I’m not sure what mood I’m in and I just need to check out and be entertained. […]

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