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Stop Talking About Social Media


Being in the field that I’m in and having the friends, colleagues and network that I have, there are a lot of people around me who are flat out experts in social media. It’s created a really cool journey and an inside look at a lot of really amazing ideas over the last 5 years; […]

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Open Source Book Club | Cognitive Surplus

A couple weeks ago at re:create conference in Franklin, TN the conversation was ripe for bringing up a book that came to my attention a year ago when I saw Clay Shirky speak at SXSWi (check out my notes from this mind blowing talk and listen to the audio). The book is called Cognitive Surplus […]

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The Invisible Revolution

Last Thursday January 18th we saw a revolution. We saw the internet reach out of the wires that contain it and effect real change in the United States in real time. The internet collectively rose up against two bills that threatened to destroy it; SOPA and PIPA. The best look at what PIPA and SOPA […]

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Christmas Watch List #1 | Gary Vaynerchuck

*It’s Christmas and you’re going to find yourself sitting around doing nothing a lot next week, so all this week I’m building the Christmas Watch List of online videos you need to watch. Here’s the playlist on YouTube. I Consult with a lot of churches so for the most part I don’t post a lot […]

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The Book All Pastors Need to Read | Cognitive Surplus

Don’t read my book, read Clay Shirky’s Cognitive Surplus. If you’re a pastor, read it now. Like right now. I saw Clay Shirky speak at SXSWi this last March and it completely blew my mind. In fact, I’ve listened to the talk no less than 80 times since then. In the talk Shirky broke down […]

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