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Vince Marotte

Skilled product development professional with business model innovation and strategic operations expertise – specializing in advanced product planning, go to market planning, strategic partnerships, product management, and product marketing for SaaS, Hardware, and services solutions. Enterprise, consumer, and commercial experience. Extensive user experience (UX) experience. Expertise in developing simplified operations and processes to serve efficient product roadmap delivery on time and on budget. Background – encompassing management of $25+ million annual spends, and $1 billion in revenue and team sizes up to 125 FTEs. Extensive non-profit consulting experience, board membership, and fundraising.

    Using the most accurate natural language processing AI model searching 300 million profiles to surface the most relevant talent in seconds. Driving down talent acquisition costs by 30% on average.
    Researched and engaged best in class data providers to integrate with our platform. Negotiated a bespoke GTM agreement to white label and cross-sell creating a “better together” model that is unmatched for AI powered, data-driven, insights. Contracts ranging from $500k to $2 million yearly.
    Trucking and commercial fleet SaaS solution that delivers insurance discounts for fleets operating safely and efficiently. Utilizing AI to and broad datasets to determine risk in real time and inform driver behavior.
    Logistics and supply chain integrity solution that saw massive growth in fortune 50 customers in a weak economy. Lead the team that created the product and managed the go to market initiative and new product introduction, partnerships, integrations as well as product sustaining efforts.
    Coordinated complex partnership engagements between hardware, software, services, and distribution partners worldwide. Created and maintained joint product roadmaps, GTM strategy and implementation, sales & marketing enablement, and key customer engagement.
    Enterprise IoT hardware, software, and firmware products combined to deliver top level performance in the most compact form-factor in the industry. Delivering the most secure edge computing end point to enterprise, federal, and military customers world wide.

Wynden Stark, New York, New York (August 2021 – Present)
AI, ML, NLP Driven talent sourcing and talent marketplace

Vice President – Head of Product & Product Marketing

Deliver a natural language processing talent search and sourcing platform. Leading a team of product managers, UX designers, and product marketers to ideat, define, design, and build a platform containing more than 130 million profiles.

Build up of Product Management, Product Marketing, and Product Operations organizations, processes, and strategy. Implement a robust product lifecycle including: Ideate > Concept > Define > Design > Plan > Build > Launch > Sustain. Lead delivery across multiple workstreams and roadmaps and gain buy-in from stakeholders to move forward with implementation.

HeatCheck, Austin, Texas (2016 – present)
High School Student Athlete Recruiting Platform.
Board Member & Basketball SME
Advise the data team on basketball statistical analysis and the state of play in college basketball. As a lifelong athlete I like to stay close to the game and HeatCheck allows me to use my experience to help the next generation of college athletes..

OverHaul, Austin, Texas (Feb 2020 – June 2021)
Supply Chain Integrity SaaS, IoT, and Services platform.
Vice President – Head of Product & Product Marketing

Worked with integration partners across multiple technologies and disciplines to deliver key functionality as well as joint go to market strategies. Integration partners including mapping functionality, bespoke datasets, multi-channel communications, insurance underwriters, and firmware integrations.
Developed a cargo integrity platform to monitor and secure high value cargo and cargo with high standards of care. Lead a team of product managers, UX Designers, Analysts, Product Owners, and Technical Communications as we move 22+ product surfaces through the product life cycle. Platform utilized IoT devices, large scale multi-point integrations, AI/ML predictive insights. Surfaced in web and mobile platforms.
Advanced Product Planning – Maintain and deliver a 6 quarter roadmap to drive go to market planning, marketing exercises, sales pipeline planning, and new market development. Validate market and product against competitors, market trends, and current portfolio to craft key messaging.
Launch industry first Insurance Technology product for the trucking industry to reduce insurance risk exposure and lower cost for trucking companies. Solution includes mobile applications, web based dashboards, machine learning and artificial intelligence to assess risk in real time and change behavior to mitigate risk.
Created threat intelligence technology to identify threats to supply chain from available mobile device data. Running large scale datasets through ETL, Warehouse, and delivered to the application surface in real time. Program was able to reduce multinational customer’s cargo theft incidents to zero in the first year of deployment.

DELL TECHNOLOGIES, Round Rock, Texas (July 2015 – Feb 2020)
Acquired EMC to form Dell Technologies, a multinational hardware, software, and services company with 140,000 employees and $80 billion in annual revenue.

Sr. Director of Product: Hardware & Software
Focus on Advanced Product Planning, Product Management & Product Marketing

Finalized Merger of Wyse acquisition into Dell.
Launched Wyse 3040, the smallest X86 thin client ever created, as well as Wyse 5060 thin clients, slated to replace 19 legacy products over next 24 months, greatly simplifying Dell Wyse Portfolio and achieved $500 million in revenue in 2019 plus an additional attach of $500 million from other Dell lines of business
Led integration of EMC product teams into Dell systems and tools; which included accounting for human components of M&A involving alignment of hearts and minds with new company culture. Orchestrated events to train newer product professionals on tools, process, and portfolio, with new team achieving annual operating plan.

SIMPLE DRIVE GROUP, Austin, Texas (2008 – 2015)
Consulting and services firm offering product development, business development, and marketing solutions to clients.
General Manager – FinTech & Non-Profit
Prior roles Within Simple Drive: UX Designer, Product Manager, Product Director
Fulfilled a large number of roles across product life cycle and related consulting projects – working with average of three to five clients annually with spends of as much as $6 million – functioning in sales capacity to acquire clients and close contracts. Subsequently, worked with clients to uncover solutions needed, acting as lead strategist responsible for mapping out wireframe, bringing in creative teams to construct items, and serving as project manager for the remainder of contract.
Regularly overcame challenges associated with introducing companies to brand new technologies and creative strategies – such as social media marketing channels – vetting potential ROI of new ideas with prototypes and beta tests which illustrate best return per ad spend, such as obtaining 2%+ conversion rates for customers driven through social media.
Negotiated subcontractor contracts for development and design ranging from $20,000 to $500,000, settling film (media) contracts for $10,000 to $300,000.


Lead Generation AI/ML Automation Tool
Designed a tool to automate the bidding process on pay-per-click ads running across all available networks. The result was to drive lead to close cost from $200 to $28.

JW Tickets Commodity Acquisition Application
Refined crude, non-scalable but functioning manual process into highly-efficient software just finalizing production – which aggregated secondary ticket markets to determine undervalued assets so that brokers can make buys – used to return 20% to debt investors in less than six months, with second phase positioned to push product to market as SaaS product that ticket brokers can license.
Tierra NetExpanded company product line – with single product as domain registrar – positioning firm to gain market share by also offering WordPress hosting services, dramatically increasing site traffic for users looking for U.S.-based hosting and domain registration services. Accomplished results by assessing existing workforce and assets in place and well as existing market, amending and helping draft new strategy, helping development and design teams to make required changes, and executing marketing and SEO plans covering three-month period.

Helped firm monetize library of training videos, launching subscriber-based web application and marketing plan – comprised of SEO, social media and paid marketing – becoming so successful that shortly thereafter, that product was acquired by, industry leader in online technical training.

LEAD AI, San Diego, CA 2006-2008
AI Ad buy platform for the financial industry
Head of Product
Successful startup exit to acquisition.