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Supercharge Your Team’s Performance

There is free performance hiding in plain site, we will find it.

What if, without adding extra time to your week, you could measurably increase your team’s performance? This is what the Triangle Of Change program accomplishes.

In 2013 an NCAA basketball coach approached me after I finished speaking at a leadership conference on the Triangle Of Change. He asked me to attend his team’s preseason retreat to teach staff and players how to optimize their experience off the court so they could perform better on the court. Previously I had only worked with enterprise leadership teams so this was a new experience for me. We set a goal of increasing the team’s shooting percentage by 3% in 6 weeks and at the end of the implementation process we say a 4.5% increase in shooting percentage.

I’m offering the Play To Win experience to teams, staff, and individual coaches. If you’re interested in leveling up your team’s performance let’s talk. Initial consultations are always free.

Beyond Human Performance

Human Performance is focused on getting to the destination.

Human Experience is focused on winning every step of the journey.

Group of 4 backpackers on the Camino De Santiago trail

The Play To Win Process

Triangle Of Change

Understand how you and your team change and grow by identifying how you are best motivated.

Marginal Gains

Identify all possible marginal gains to accumulate an aggregate that has huge impact.

Lifecycle Process

Build a blueprint for your team to use to further extend your capabilities.

What Are Marginal Gains?

These are very small improvements that, by themselves, don’t add up to much but when you accumulate a lot of marginal gains it adds up to more meaningful improvements. We call this the accumulation of marginal gains.

Here’s an example from football: The offensive line, when playing a team in white jerseys, will wear white gloves. This will potentially mask a holding call. Most teams are aware of this tactic and it has become common place. Over the course of a game this advantage may only be realized once, or maybe not at all, but it is a “free” gain that could be the deciding factor in a really close game when a holding call is not called.

We use data and design thinking from decades of research to identify marginal gain opportunities within your program.

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