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Coaching & Consulting

Throughout my career I have worked with a broad array of organizations from fortune 20 enterprises to hyper growth startups to global and regional non-profits. I have developed strategy and built teams in technology, healthcare, supply chain, music, film, sports technology, and NGOs.

As I have have learned and lead I have had the chance to mentor and coach other creative and driven professionals, and their teams. I do this by combining the three pillars of creativity, innovation, and leadership into a set of systems that will transform the way you navigate your holistic life and career.

I’m most interested in human creativity. I believe it is foundational to the human experience and crucial to holistic well being. This is best expressed in play. Play is a key differentiator between humans and the rest of the animal kingdom and it needs to be prioritized by motivated people or it will be forgotten and you will stop truly living. It’s only when we are truly living that we are able to maximize our abilities. I believe there is a competitive advantage to be had by playing. If you didn’t play yesterday something is broken.

I am available for consulting, coaching, speaking, and strategizing with you or your team. Please reach out and let me know how I can help.