2013 – Here We Go


Like most years in my role I get pretty dang busy from October right up until Christmas and I have to cut out some peripheral activities…like keeping the blog updated. So here’s a flyover of what’s coming up this year.

Re:Create Conference – February 4-7
Re:Create is an intimate gathering that has become close to my heart and an important part of my year. It’s kind of a hybrid between a retreat and a conference.

SXSW Interactive – March 8-12
In terms of content, this is the most important conference of the year for me. The conversations regarding culture, sociology  technology and creativity are un-matched by any other single gathering. If understanding culture and the future direction of society is valuable to what you do…you need to consider attending.

Echo Conference – July 24-26 tentative
I’m noodling with the idea of heading up to Dallas for Echo Conference. It presents a good opportunity to connect with people and hang out. The content is on the 101 side of things so I encourage a lot of people who are newer to creative roles in church space to check it out.

Cycling Events
I’m working through my event schedule right now but I expect to be at all the early season Texas classics with Bat City Cycling. I’ll also be at some spring events like Coldspring, possibly Joe Martin stage race. I’m also looking to head to Northern California for Levi’s Gran Fondo which gives me a chance to go see my family

SXSW 2012 Recap

South by SouthWest Interactive is one of the most important conferences in the world. There. I said it.

In my conversations about it I realize that way too many people have no idea what SXSWi is all about. When I say SXSW half the people think of the music festival that happens right after interactive. The other half think that it is a technology and development conference for uber geeks.

SXSWi is actually a conference on culture and where culture is going. Since technology it what makes culture change than it naturally is at the forefront of the conversation at SXSWi. If understanding culture and where culture is headed is important to you and your career you need to think about attending SXSWi.

Some of the sessions I attended:

The View From Inside Rainn Wilson’s Brainstem

This was the highlight for me since it was right in my wheelhouse; spirituality on the internet. You may or may not know that Rain Wilson launched Soul Pancake, an online community that discusses the ‘big questions’, in March of 2009. I signed up for the beta back then because I was really interested in spirituality and the internet.

Notable notes

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Digital Debouchery With Anthony Bourdain

I’ve said it before, Anthony Bourdain has my dream job. I’m not saying that lightly, I really believe he has the best job in the world. So it goes without saying that this was the session I was most looking forward to. As a content creator first and foremost I think the No Reservations is creating some of the best content out there today. The session was a look at some of their creative processes and team dynamics as well as some insight on their use of new media. Since this is an all ages blog I’ll keep it clean with some of the notable notes:

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Dictators and Pastors or Revolutions and Revivals

This is less of a blog post and more of a mind dump…feel free to try and read it.

I saw a talk by Clay Shirky at SXSW Interactive this year that was mind blowing for me in terms of pulling together lots of ideas I have into a detailed breakdown of the revolution in Egypt. In case you were living under a rock the last few months you know that the Egyptian dictator was overthrown by the people of that country and the catalytic tools of web, social media and SMS were the factor that finally made it possible.

I believe there is some correlation between the revolution in Egypt (and now happening in several other states led by dictators) and the potential for revival in the ‘C’hurch. There is also some correlation between dictators and pastors in terms of their roles. I freely admit that as a pastor many of my decisions are clouded by my desire to keep my job and I think I can speak for every pastor I have ever met when I say that.

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