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Spiritual Standards

As leaders, we spend a lot of time talking about the tangible things we do to succeed. Communication. Programming. Team building. Ethics. All of these are good things. I have always attempted to put my spiritual journey first, and then let the leadership stuff come after. What are you doing in your life to prepare […]

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Up Up Down Down Left Right A B Select Start

Convenience. We all cherish it. My friend older friend Robert accuses me of being born with a mouse in my hand. Yeah it’s true we do have the world at our fingertips with the internet. I wouldn’t blame the internet and todays technology for our dependence on convenience. It’s more than that. Society progresses like […]

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I Am Not Spiritual

I would love it if I could just be a spiritual giant all the time. Then I could post lots of cool and encouraging stuff to let you know how to achieve my elevated spiritual state that I constantly dwell in. People would tell each other how awesome I am. But the truth is, sometimes […]

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Solitude, It Is Important

I have spent some time with pastors at some other churches lately and the thing that has been on my heart has been solitude. I ask every pastor I have a chance to talk with if they are getting considerable solitude every week. Most are not. If you are a slave to a program then […]

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Farmer’s Market Wisdom

We load up the kids on Saturday from time to time and head down to the farmer’s market to see what’s going on and to pick up some fresh fruits and veggies. The coolest thing about the farmer’s market is that you literally buy stuff right from the people that pulled it out of the […]

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