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The Non-Readers Guide to Rocking at New Media


I consult companies on communicating, structuring and marketing in light of where culture is and I often give homework to them to learn from people way smarter than me. Clay Shirky and Gary Vaynerchuk are almost always in the recommended reading list. To save time in the future I thought I would just link up […]

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Viral Facebook Page Posts 101


Since early 2013 Facebook has made changes to the ‘algorithm’ that determines what content actually makes it into a user’s feed. I’m assuming you knew that. This had a drastic, if not overnight, effect in January 2013 when the average views a non-promoted post from a page halved from around 30 percent of page likes […]

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Social Media Reset

Man drawing a game strategy

From time to time it’s nice to take an inventory of what I’m using in terms of social media, what’s working and what’s not. I want to make sure I maximize my time and put the right content in the right place. Here’s a look at what I’m using currently in terms of platforms and […]

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Stop Talking About Social Media


Being in the field that I’m in and having the friends, colleagues and network that I have, there are a lot of people around me who are flat out experts in social media. It’s created a really cool journey and an inside look at a lot of really amazing ideas over the last 5 years; […]

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Social Media Case Study: Best Worst Movie

I just watched the documentary; Best Worst Movie. The doc takes a look at the phenomenon of the rise of, what some consider to be, the worst movie ever made to cult status 20+ years after its release. Best Worst Movie documents the actors from the film as they discover that people all over the country have […]

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