Isn’t this how we lead back when we were youth pastors?

I checked in on the Leadership Summit yesterday. It was cool. I am always up for learning something. This morning I came across this Seth Godin video from Ted and it dawned on me. All the leadership styles and talk of tribes and how to lead…we’ve been doing it for years…in youth ministry. So maybe keep an eye on what your youth pastors are doing, because your whole church is going to be doing the same stuff in ten years.


A lesson in movement

Seth posted this and I have a take on it too.

HOW to start a movement is one thing, but I’m interested in WHY people join a movement.

The movement in this video is a clear case of the appearance of spontaneity that I have talked about before. The movement worked because it appeared spontaneous. I can’t say for sure that it was, after all I don’t know guy #1’s intent.

I’m not saying that it has to be spontaneous, movements can be planned and orchestrated, but I believe our current generation responds better to the spontaneous.

Can spontaneity be planned?

Firefox Christians

Seth Godin posted a great article on Firefox users and their tendency to be above average web users. He goes on to contrast Firefox vs. default browser people and people who go to college.

This is true of bloggers, of Twitter users, of Flickr users… everywhere you look, if someone is using Firefox, they’re way more likely to be using other power tools online. The reasoning: In order to use Firefox, you need to be confident enough to download and use a browser that wasn’t the default when you first turned on your computer.

You can see the same type of mindsets in the Christian community. At your church you can bet that the 20% percent rule is in effect. You know. twenty percent of the people doing eighty percent of everything. I don’t expect that to change, it’s true of everything.

The question is, what is it in some people minds that they are not satisfied with the ‘default’?