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March Madness and Leadership

I’m a college hoops fan. I eagerly await selection Sunday even more than Christmast. I can’t wait to fill out my bracket. Over the last few years we have seen an unusual amount of upsets. Not just early round upsets low ranked teams going deep in the tourney. This week end an 11 seed will […]

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Managing vs. Leading

I’d write a witty intro for this video if it wasn’t already full of so much #win. Exclusive interview with Seth Godin from GiANT Impact on Vimeo.

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Winning the little battles

There are those little tasks and those little side projects that people ask you to ‘help’ with or even lead. They don’t completely fall into your job description but there is some overlap. You’re probably maxed out as it is, most of us are. If I went around my office and asked everyone who they […]

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Art & Copy

I have been reinventing leadership in my mind for the last couple years. I’d like to think I’m changing the way leaders think all over the world but I’m pretty sure I’m not. The way leaders communicate has changed from one way platforms to dialogue, conversation and story. I watched the film Art & Copy […]

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New Leadership Essentials Pt. 3 – Conclusion

In parts one and two of this little brain dump I contrasted what I think are dying leadership skills with vital emerging leadership skills. This begs the question; I’m a leader, what about me? Where do these thoughts hit the ground? Management is dead I see management based leadership roles going away… and they already […]

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