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The half used experts

How do we engage experts in a volunteer setting? That is to say, how do we get the best people for the job in the right place? For the most part, we tend to to put presence as the highest virtue that a volunteer can have, skills and gifts come second. Most leaders are scrambling […]

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Leadership Trust Trifecta

I was reading an article in Business Week, Trust in a Time of Turmoil, where the author was commenting on how our nation’s leadership was reacting to the financial crisis and a line from the article jumped out at me. But we’re not suggesting leaders can’t build trust in mid-crisis. They can‚Äîby taking strong action, […]

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Get Busy

In business the thing has always been work hard-make more money. That’s cool, and I think it works. As a church planter I run a small business on the side and the harder I work, the more money I make…mostly. This energy, this attitude is highly prevalent in the church these days. I encounter pastors […]

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Some Encouragement

I love hanging out with ministry people that are in different situations than I am. It really adds a different perspective to what I am doing. I sat with a friend who recently took on what could be considered the total opposite of what I am doing. He is the youth pastor at a large […]

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The Open Source Model

Needless to say, I am anxiously awaiting the release of phones running Google Android and from the sound of things, T-Mobile should have an offering by holiday time. I have been a fan of open source stuff for quite some time. It is interesting to see the advancement of open source products versus copy written […]

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