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The interruption

I feel like I’ve seen this scene played out before. Try and understand the context of where you are, who is listening and who is not next time you communicate.

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Late night entitlement

Conan is the now. Leno is the old. Fallon is the future. They’re all really good at what they do. Conan is approaching the time in his life where he will have peak impact. Leno is on the other side of that curve. Fallon is just starting his journey. Who would you invest in? I […]

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Crazy or legendary

In the perfect world I would have an old Indian hang around and help me raise my son to be a wild stallion; not unlike in Legends of the Fall. That guy was cool…all pagan witchcraft aside of course. His name is One Stab and his character narrates the movie and at the beginning he […]

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The half used experts

How do we engage experts in a volunteer setting? That is to say, how do we get the best people for the job in the right place? For the most part, we tend to to put presence as the highest virtue that a volunteer can have, skills and gifts come second. Most leaders are scrambling […]

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Serving Two Masters

I’ve been as guilty of serving two masters as anyone. There’s one particular instance of it that I am really trying to shake. I don’t want people to be confused by my motive for doing church. I want it to be clear that I do church because I am serving the Kingdom of God. I […]

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