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Viral Facebook Page Posts 101


Since early 2013 Facebook has made changes to the ‘algorithm’ that determines what content actually makes it into a user’s feed. I’m assuming you knew that. This had a drastic, if not overnight, effect in January 2013 when the average views a non-promoted post from a page halved from around 30 percent of page likes […]

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Social Media Reset

Man drawing a game strategy

From time to time it’s nice to take an inventory of what I’m using in terms of social media, what’s working and what’s not. I want to make sure I maximize my time and put the right content in the right place. Here’s a look at what I’m using currently in terms of platforms and […]

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Stop Talking About Social Media


Being in the field that I’m in and having the friends, colleagues and network that I have, there are a lot of people around me who are flat out experts in social media. It’s created a really cool journey and an inside look at a lot of really amazing ideas over the last 5 years; […]

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The Week Long Sermon

The sermon…it’s come quite far since Jesus stood on the ‘mount’ and delivered a timeless message. I believe the current format in which we execute a ‘sermon’ is fairly well broken. The job a pastor hires a sermon to perform in 2012 is the same as in 1912 or 1812 yet the sermon format is […]

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Twitter is Your Coffee Shop & Facebook is Your Living Room

I have this conversation often: Me: “Are you on Twitter?” Them: “No; I’m already on Facebook” Every time I have this conversation an angel gets it’s wings…clipped. It does go the other way…although less often. There are Twitter users who are above using such blue collar social networks like Facebook. Truth is, when done right, Facebook and Twitter […]

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