Quality Matters

I few days ago I talked about the difference between art and design and I think when we understand that concept the next step is realize that quality is the result of a solid workflow of art and design. When we are constantly stuck in the design phase, and not operating out of creative surplus, then we will almost always have to settle for ‘good enough’.¬†

True quality comes out of creative surplus wherein we have the margin to do our best work.

Objectified | communication design

Communication has seen a rapid change in the last couple years. Most of that shift coming from the demand side as people have changed their content consumption habits and content creators  have had to play catch up. People are going to less movies, reading less newspapers, watching less cable and network television.

When I was taking my public speaking and homiletics classes in college the entire focus was on delivery. How to talk. How to stand. How to look around the room. How to not be boring. There was very little focus on understanding what the consumers of my talking were thinking our how to cater to their needs in any given environment.

This is where design comes in.

No longer is it good enough to simply make something that works. Or to simply write out an idea. Gone are the days where you can walk on stage with your notes and do the talking head thing for 40 minutes.

Communication needs design just as much as anything…and maybe more.

Enter the film Objectified.

It’s a film about design but as a watched it I understood that design wasn’t just about tools, furniture and living spaces.

Design is the vehicle that communicates the idea of what an object is and how to use it.

The film takes you on a journey of stories from different people at different places in the world of design and as I watched it I couldn’t help but draw the¬†parallels to communications.

If you teach, write or in anyway communicate, you must watch this film.

If you watch it and don’t get it, take an inventory of how relevant you…because things are changing have changed.

Impact Church’s New Look

Impact Church MurrietaSpring is a great time to revisit the look of your church’s web site and our creative team is in the process overhauling the Impact Church Website. The website is on a Joomla platform and it pretty much rules the search engines in Murrieta and Temecula with some tricks that I pull off. As we dig into it we want some feedback. So cruise on over and give it a good look and give me some criticism and encouragement. It’s still a work in progress but it is quite functional.

CS3 | Drinking Through A Firehose

So I spent the afternoon putting Adobe CS3 on my machine. Generally when I mess with some new toys I can’t be heard from for like three days. I’m sure this will be the case with CS3. After the install I have been going through each program to see what’s new from CS2. Here’s what I’m digging so far.

  • Fireworks | I’m glad they kept it around. I have been a Fireworks guy since like 1998. I was worried Adobe would drop it since there is so much overlap with Photoshop. Fireworks is great for laying out templates for website and for making quick Java rollover junk. Photoshop will do the same stuff via ImageReady, it’s just nice to be able to get it done in one app.
  • Premier | Basically the same, just a little slicker skin.
  • Illustrator/Photoshop | The tool bar structure will take some getting used to. I have yet to mess with the new magic tricks.
  • Flash | I’m stoked that it is way more integrated with Illustrator. Illustrator is my baby…we speak the same language. I always hated drawing in Flash because it was foreign to me and my Illustrator stuff didn’t always work out.
  • Contribute | I have never used it before. It is basically an extension of Dreamweaver. The cool thing is that it integrates with WordPress. I’m Actually writing this in contribute. Basically it allows me to write off line and then it connects with my blog and publishes the post.
  • LiveCycle | Making really sweet interactive XML based PDFs has always been a specialty all to itself. With this program I can make some pretty trick PDFs without having to learn any new stuff. My brain is overloaded as it is.

Have You upgraded? What do you love/hate?


Design | It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Last night at the creative team meeting we started brainstorming ideas for Christmas at Impact Church. What will the website look like? The auditorium? The patio? Graphics? Print? I’m actually really excited about where we are going with it. Christmas at Impact Church will be blue, white and silver. As a church plant we have to do everything on a budget, which just means we have to be extra creative.

Not only does it have to look cool, but it needs to be extremely portable and durable. Stuff gets tossed around pretty good during load in/out. We have done a good job of making sure everything we use for setup has a road case with wheels on it. Often times the case coast more than the contents.

I’m thinking fabric…lots of fabric and hitting it with lights. Almost completely blue lights…A few white ones.

For all the worship and creative people out there…what are you doing for Christmas? Lets share some ideas.

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Church Website Overhaul

I have been tinkering with the Impact Church website the last few weeks and I am starting to like where it is going. I have abandoned the rich strong colors that most churches are going with. I wanted to see a site that was bright and alive. I have always been a fan of super clean like Mars Hill Michigan, but I feel the need to hit the soccer moms and real estate agents that populate the valley with some graphics.

Next steps will include populating the site with more and better images of what is going on around Impact, then I can start updating the content. Oh yeah, and spend about 30 hours making the site work right in Internet Explorer. If you’re still using it, do us all a favor and stop.

What I need from you is some insight for styling, content and usability.

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