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The Death of Youth Ministry (pt 6) | So What’s next?

I think we can all agree, youth ministry is awesome! I loved being in youth ministry and I loved working in youth ministry even more, but I have come to a realization that something has to change.Through the death of youth ministry series we have identified some issues that most people haven’t even realized are […]

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The Death of Youth Ministry (pt 5) | The Bible Doesn’t Take it Serious

I have tried to be clear at the start of each post on the death of youth ministry series that I think youth ministry has done a lot of good. It’s clear that there are a lot of people that started their spiritual journey in a youth group setting. What this series is about, is […]

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The Death of Youth Ministry (pt4) | Youth Pastors Don’t Take it Serious

::read the whole series:: I have been asked a couple times where this series is headed. After the deconstructing, will we see a solution? Yes. As with anything we do in ministry, we should put all our cards on the table from time to time and ask the tough questions. Maybe we need to do […]

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The Death of Youth Ministry (pt 3) | Parents Don’t Take Youth Ministry Seriously

This is probably going to be one of the touchier subjects in the series on the Death of Youth Ministry. I am a parent, although my children are not yet teenagers, I understand the feelings and emotions that motivate and sometimes cloud the judgment of parents, I am guilty of the same clouded judgment. If […]

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The Death of Youth Ministry (pt 2) | The Church Doesn’t Take it Seriously

The local church as a whole does not take youth ministry serious. This is clear from the fact that youth ministry actually exists as I pointed out in pt 1. The evidence: Youth Pastor Pay Group Magazine just released their 2007 youth pastor salary report. Now, I will admit it, I live in Southern California […]

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