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Communication design | training your team

I dwell in an¬†organization¬†that inherently has complex vision and ideas that can be difficult to communicate. Last week I wrote about communication design and I want to start fleshing out those ideas a little further. On our team I have started to introduce a few of the players to my new favorite phrase; Whack Bat. […]

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Objectified | communication design

Communication has seen a rapid change in the last couple years. Most of that shift coming from the demand side as people have changed their content¬†consumption¬†habits and content creators ¬†have had to play catch up. People are going to less movies, reading less newspapers, watching less cable and network television. When I was taking my […]

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Three blogs you should subscribe to

For 2011 I’m going to be focusing very heavily on content creation and delivery. An important part of content creation is for me to consume a lot of content. On Mondays I’m going to share three blogs that I read regularly and I would love for you to share blogs that you’re reading in the […]

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Your church’s content is puke…literally

Eric Schmidt of Google fame said that more content is now being created in 48 hours than from man’s beginning until 2003. Wow. That is a huge piece of information that should haunt you in some ways and motivate you in others. Take a look at your church and the content that it creates. Most […]

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Communication Layers

*read part 2 here Technology and the communication tools that come with it are supposed to make things better. More productive. More Efficient. I am a fan of tools, if they work and if my team will use them. Here’s a run down of the workflow of communication layers that I’m trying to implement with […]

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