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Does The Church Have A Future?


{I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, just wanted to hang onto it since this is the meat of most of the conference talks and keynotes I’ve given in the last year} Seriously, what is the future of the church? I could go a hundred different ways with this thought; gay marriage, globalization, […]

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Top Gear Is the Future of Church

As I’ve said in past posts here and on other blogs; the time and place experience that is Sunday morning church is losing value in the face of new realities that we face in part because of new media…and I think there is more opportunity here than there are things to be scared of. Last […]

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That kind of church

something to chew on this weekend:

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What’s better, a nice resolve or future action?

It happened again. I was in a church and listening to a powerful testimony that was full of pain. It made me angry…in a good way. I was pissed about injustice and I was now haunted by the reality of injustice around the corner and around the world. It was true. It was beautiful. Then […]

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Hush hush issues

We are launching a new website at Impact Church and we try to do our homework. I have visited a lot of church websites in the past weeks and I started to notice something. Most churches have a doctrinal statement of sorts, we do too. Some churches also add a list of ‘issues‘ that they […]

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