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Three blogs you should subscribe to

For 2011 I’m going to be focusing very heavily on content creation and delivery. An important part of content creation is for me to consume a lot of content. On Mondays I’m going to share three blogs that I read regularly and I would love for you to share blogs that you’re reading in the […]

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The speed of news, are you keeping up?

I have been telling people how much I love newspapers because the are a handy archive of the stuff I read online yesterday. I have pretty much grown up in the age of the news being on TV every night. This news was probably a day or two old by the time most people heard […]

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I’ve noticed something over the last year. I have met some people who read this little corner of the blogosphere called Nikao, and I think I like you guys. Just thought I would mention that. Thanks for checking in from time to time. That said, I need some new blogs to read as it seems […]

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Blogging on Purpose

When we were about the age of two, we learned a word. WHY. It’s a great word and we drove our parents nuts asking why. My kids do it to me. Eventually we learn that this wears people out because they have a lot going on in their lives that they can barely handle and […]

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Blog Etiquette

So a lot of people I know and love are getting their blog on lately. And that is really cool. As life gets busy, it is nice to be able to keep up with what you have going on and to drop a comment and spread love. Two things you should know: Blogger/Blogspot sucks | […]

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