Three blogs you should subscribe to

For 2011 I’m going to be focusing very heavily on content creation and delivery. An important part of content creation is for me to consume a lot of content. On Mondays I’m going to share three blogs that I read regularly and I would love for you to share blogs that you’re reading in the comments.

This week, some design focused blogs:

Public School

I started subscribing to Public School a few months ago because it was making some noise here in Austin. Public School is a design studio here in Austin and the content of their feed reflects that. It’s less of a source of a original content as it is a aggregate of what the designers at Public School come across in their internet travels.

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Mike Industries

Mike Davidson is a seasoned web developer with some really big sites under his belt. He doesn’t post a lot so this one won’t bog you down. If you are into user experience (not just the web kind) you might want to add Mike to your reader.

// Keywords: user experience, industry news, web design

Promise Tangeman

Promise Tangeman is a good source for design inspiration. She promised (hehe) to post more often this year….didn’t we all? Anyway, a little of this a little of that and some good links to.

// Keywords: graphic design, photography, fashion

Hit me with your favorite design blogs, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 go!

The speed of news, are you keeping up?

I have been telling people how much I love newspapers because the are a handy archive of the stuff I read online yesterday.

I have pretty much grown up in the age of the news being on TV every night. This news was probably a day or two old by the time most people heard it.

Along came the internet and you could get your news 12-18 hours later.

Then blogs entered the picture and your news has only a few hours old. Sweet!

Twitter is here now and it seems as if news is old after about 15 minutes. A couple times a day I check in at and a lot of times you can see live news happening right before your eyes.

When we have an earthquake down here in SoCal, I can check Twitter and I know how big it was, where it was centered and if my friends and family are okay long before the TV news can even get a camera in front of a reporter.

This blog post is old news…


I’ve noticed something over the last year. I have met some people who read this little corner of the blogosphere called Nikao, and I think I like you guys. Just thought I would mention that.

Thanks for checking in from time to time.

That said, I need some new blogs to read as it seems that some of the blogs I have in my reader have stopped or slowed way down and that doesn’t work for me since I read a ton and have a big appetite for fresh thoughts.

I need some suggestions from you. What blogs are you digging?

Blogging on Purpose

When we were about the age of two, we learned a word. WHY. It’s a great word and we drove our parents nuts asking why. My kids do it to me. Eventually we learn that this wears people out because they have a lot going on in their lives that they can barely handle and lack the room in their heads to ponder why.

I still ask why. It drives some people nuts. I am not content to just accept and let things be. It’s hard. But it’s who I am and I have to deal with it.

So I would like to think there is a way to take the energy of this great blogging community that I love being a part of. People like inworship, Supersimbo, Anne, Rich, Pete and of course the Tattered Pastry himself.

I would like to go down in history as a man of action. I am trying to figure out what that means. One day this piece of cyber real estate will have a purpose.

Blog Etiquette

So a lot of people I know and love are getting their blog on lately. And that is really cool. As life gets busy, it is nice to be able to keep up with what you have going on and to drop a comment and spread love.

Two things you should know:

  • Blogger/Blogspot sucks | If you don’t have a blog yet and you plan on getting one, use wordpress. Blogger may be easier to use as a writer, but it’s not about you, it’s about your readers right? This is just my opinion and mainly I am annoyed by the comment process on Blogger/Blogspot blogs. My deepest apologies to the faithful.
  • Don’t Hotlink | I have been getting hammered by hotlinks lately. Hotlinking is when you copy the URL of an image on a site and then paste it into the ‘image location’ in the insert image thing on your WYSIWYG editor. It’s easier and faster for the writer, but not good form. What’s happening is the image still lives on the other site’s server and every time someone visits your site, the other site takes a bandwidth hit to deliver the image to your blog. Not a huge deal, but it adds up. You need to get the image you wish to embed to a online location that you control. Use the image upload thing on your WYSIWYG or you can use Picasa, flickr or anything like that.

At the end of the day, I am just glad you are blogging, even if you don’t take my advice. If you stop by nikao on a regular basis and I don’t have you on my blogroll, let me know.

While you’re at it, use a RSS reader to enjoy your favorite blogs

How To Read Blogs

I have really enjoyed what the Nikao Collective has become. In just a few short months I have made some really cool contacts and found some awesome blogs. The stats say that the readers of Nikao are above average internet surfers in that more than 60% of you cruise by here using Firefox, which is good. If you are still using Internet Explorer you should stop what you are doing and remedy the situation. The other thing a lot of you need to do is get an RSS reader set up so you can be a more efficient blog reader. I realize that there are good number of you who have no idea what I just said, so I am going to show you…it may change your whole life, or at least the way you get your information and news.

Step 1 | Get an RSS Reader.
If you have Gmail or a Google account you already have one and you may not know it. If not you need to go by Bloglines and get an account. I would imagine that Yahoo has one also…but I don’t use Yahoo. In your Gmail inbox click on the ‘more’ link in the upper left. Often it’s a drop down or sometimes it’s a link next to ‘more’. I haven’t taken the time to see why it’s different on some of my computers. This picture is from a hosted Gmail so it may look a little different than yours.

More Link In Gmail

Step 2 | Go to a blog.
In Firefox if a site has an RSS feed, this symbol will be in the address bar to the right. In Internet Explorer you are on your own…the new version might have something. Sometimes there will be links put around the blog by the designer to remind you, like that big green button to the right here at Nikao.

RSS Button in Firefox

Click on the orange thing in the address bar or any other ‘subscribe’ type link on the site and it will bring you to this page.
RSS Feed Subscribe Page

You can either select the reader of your choice and it will pop it right into your reader and take you to your reader or you can copy and paste the URL from this page and pop it into any type of reader like an off-line reader or into an iGoogle widget.

When you are looking at your reader it will look somewhat like an email inbox so you should find it easy to get around. Take advantage of different ways to organize by topic and keep that thing clean. Not everything that might be on the actual blog page will translate to the reader. Some flash video (YouTube etc.) might not show up in your reader but it will tell you. And sometimes the writer will have a longer article and they will set only the intro to show in readers. In both cases you will need to click on the title or a ‘read more’ link to get all of the content.

Step 3 | Get your RSS on.
Don’t become an RSS lazy pants and stop cruising by to leave comments on your favorite blogs, after all this is a two way street.

Much Love and happy Blog reading…now go do it, you will be happy you did.

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Link Love

Just passing on some good blogs

  • Supersimbo – Representing the UK. Found him a few days ago, and I totally dig it. Something about the content struck me as if we had called each other and dropped the same stuff.
  • Blarg Blog – Good friends of mine dropping some cool truth and humanity. Just some good real life.
  • Collide and Converge – Skip is a blogger who makes an effort to say something. Which is refreshing amoung blogs full of life updates and blog pimping.

Cruise by and hit up my friends with some love.

Great Posts

I was reflecting back on some posts that impacted me, others, or I just liked for some reason. So here are some of the Gems of Late

  • Thomas Hobbes Bedside Table – Yeah I know I posted it…I just thought it was really witty, if you are into philosophy and ethical theories that is. Other wise you may miss it. I’m a big fan of natural law.
  • Turn Your $60 router into a $600 dollar router – It works…you have to have some skills though.
  • How To Keep Widgets From Slowing Down Sites: WEDJE – A little geeky, but a good reminder that you may need to ease up on the widgets. Some of my blog friends sites load way too slow. If you have more than three Java scripts running on your site, you are going to really bog down your whole trip. Check yourself – your analytics will burn one, so you have two left for widgets. So only run 2 please (flickr, newsvine, amazon, Sifr…my fav.)
  • Annual Dress Like a Slut Day – From Feminist Mormon Housewives. I keep FMH in my reader, they always come up with witty stuff. I linked this up over at The Mystery Is The Truth and it dominated Google on Halloween week and spiked traffic like 10 times for two weeks.
  • I Flipped Someone Off Today – Carlos comes up with some fresh stuff. Leveling the playing field is something we as Christians can always improve on.

Reading anything good?