Recreate Austin Recap

Re:create is an amazing collective of creatives and thought leaders that I had the pleasure of joining in February 2011 at recreate Nashville. I have been to, and spoken at, my fair share of conferences and the first thing you must know about recreate is that it blows them all out of the water. The reason? Community. You don’t attend recreate so much as you join the community.

Fast forward to last week and we had the first ever recreate one day gathering since the conference began 11 years ago.

Austin is a perfect setting for a recreate gathering; partly because it is full of creatives and entrepreneurs and because the downtown area is very walkable, so getting from one venue to the next is a snap. Continue reading Recreate Austin Recap

Re:Create Austin | Oct. 18 & 19

A place for people in creative roles to be encouraged, refreshed and to diffuse ideas

We are going to hear from a several amazing creative leaders at the Austin one day including:

Andrew Shapter | Film Maker

Andrew Shapter (born 30 December 1966) is a Texas-born filmmaker, writer and photographer. He directed and co-wrote Before the Music Dies, a documentary that examines the homogenization of the American music industry. Shapter has since gone on to direct a follow up films, Happiness Is and The Teller and the Truth.

Rick Jackson | Entrepreneur

Rick Jackson is most known for making waves with Yahoo before launching several other successful brands. Rick is currently a VP at Cinsay.

Re:Create Austin will include plenty of time to collaborate and commune with other creatives like you. You don’t want to miss it.

Register here

12 Best Twitter Cities in the World?

I saw a link come through my twitter feed today that mentioned the cities with the most Twitter users and I was a little amazed that Austin Texas was even on the list let alone in the top twenty; after all Austin is only 1.7 million strong in the metro area, which is much smaller than all the cities in the top 20. I immediately got to thinking that we must have a bigger Twitter per capita than the other cities. Since its my job to have a handle on this kind of data I went to work.

I grabbed data for the top 12 cities  with the most Twitter users and then ran the numbers:

And the winner is, Austin Texas!

I’m not a statistician by any means. I pulled my numbers from wikipedia and

*update // population refers to roughly the ‘metro area’ of a given city.

Austin | three month report

Two words:

Alamo Drafthouse!

Why isn’t every movie theater in the country like this? You are served food and drinks all through the movie.

I can’t believe an entire summer just flew by. I have been crazy busy getting things going at Gateway Church and we have spent a lot of time taking in all there is to do in Austin.

Here are some of the highlights for every0ne back in Cali:

Parks with trees
Yes all my NorCal peeps know what it is like, but most of you Southern California people have probably only seen them in pictures or on vacation. So how it works is, you go to a park with your kids, and there are trees all over the place. Cool huh?

Kerby Lane
It’s our go to restaurant as a family. They got everything even some lights out vegetarian vittles.

I’m definitely missing mountains
I’ve been doing plenty of mountain biking, they still call it mountain biking around here even though we lack the mountains. There’s a pretty cool scene here and some decent spots. You do, however, need to pedal in the big ring if you want to do fast whereas in California all we had to do was drive to the top and let her fly.

I hear the weather is fantastic here in the fall. Can’t wait.

The one month report

AJ at the Congress Street bridge waiting for the bats to swarm
AJ at the Congress Street bridge waiting for the bats to swarm

We moved to Austin one month ago, here’s my observations thus far:

  • In California my borrowed motto was – ‘Anything fun costs at least eight dollars’. In Austin that motto is now – ‘Anything fun costs at least three dollars.
  • I’m not gonna lie; its wicked hot here.
  • St. Augustine is the worst excuse for grass I have ever tread on with my bare feet. In California we call it crab grass.
  • When I walk around with my large dog in Southern California people scoop up their children/toy dogs and get ready to dial 911, I’ve gathered that people in Texas know their way around big dogs.
  • Two things that we have in Texas that we didn’t in So Cal; trees and bodies of water that God intended to be there…the ocean aside.
  • In N Out is at least 17 times better than Sonic, as far as burgers go.
  • Big chain casual dining restaurants do not have a chance in Austin, the local places are too good.
  • Austin Netflix. You know how Netflix has a section that shows the popular titles for your town? Well the Austin one is awesome, whereas the Murrieta one was good for learning which movies spent the most on marketing.

Austin is looking like the perfect fit for us. It’s an amazing balance of culture and family living that is hard to find.

Figuring things out

So we’ve been in Austin for a couple of days so far and its been one adventure after another, and that’s just getting to the store…or anywhere for that matter.

The getting lost is worth it, because we are discovering all the places and things we didn’t realize we might need to know about later.

I should be back to regular nikao posting on Monday as I’ll be in the office and the internet will be on at my house too.

thanks for all the prayer and love as we go through this adventure

Austin, initial thoughts

To coin a phrase I heard a Texan say one time:

I’m as lost as a goose in a hail storm!

I spent an hour this morning looking for a coffee shop. I ended up doing a lot of U-turns.

The main grocery store around here is called H E B, yes it sounds like something you need a vaccination for, but it will work just fine for the day in and day out shopping augmented by trips to Whole Foods and Central Market.

We’ve met a few of our neighbors and so far everyone is really nice. The kids are stoked to have their toys back.

Lots to do. I’m gonna go get a hair cut.

On the road

Driving 1500 miles with a big truck, two kids and a 5 month old puppy doesn’t leave time for deep blog thoughts. See you in a few days.

This is how we're rolling with Tami driving the other car behind me
This is how we're rolling with Tami driving the other car behind me