I handed the camera to my 8 year old daughter tonight and these are a few shots that gave me a look into what she sees. I haven’t tried to teach her any rules about composition or anything…I just want to see what she comes up with.


10 Years | If you are strong then I am strong

Ten years ago today I married the most incredible woman.

I have to be honest with you, all things considered it hasn’t been hard. In fact it has been one awesome adventure after the next. Sure there have been some trials along the way, but being together through the tough times only makes us closer.

Together we continue to shape each other into one inseparable being along with the two most precious gifts, Ashtynne and Steele. I literally can’t remember what life was like without Tami and our family…and that’s a good thing.

We continue to remind each other; If you are strong then I am strong.

I love you Tami

I love you Ashtynne

I love you Steele

In the blink of an eye


Ashtynne and I were just wrapping up our day with a bike ride to the park.

A little monkey bars. Some swinging. A few trips down the slide.

We headed home and she was just pedaling along singing and taking in the scenery.

Before she even knew what was happening she was taking the sidewalk right to her perfectly beautiful face.

And in the blink of an eye our perfect evening was a nightmare.

AJ came out of the twisted pile of little girl and pink bicycle with a pretty scrapped up face, knees, hands, wrists, chest, shoulders and a chipped front tooth.

As a dad I can’t get her patched up fast enough…I tried. At the end of the day all I can do is hold her and tell her its going to be okay.

Thanks for all your prayers everyone. Ashtynne is doing fine. She is going to the dentist today to get her tooth looked at and she will probably enjoy a few popsicles and some movies today.