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4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use New Media


I thought I was done trying to sell business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs that they should be using new media (formally called social media) but I have had a string of interactions already in the new year that lead me to post this. I have encountered all the old excuses; “I don’t have time”, “Show me how it can be strategic”, “I’ll start using it once the startup is up and running”. Seriously, someone said those exact words to me.

I apologize to most of my readers who, by and large, get it.

Rather than compile a list of reasons you should use social media, let me paint the other side of the fence here and list out some reasons I think you shouldn’t be using new media.

1. You are done learning

If you have learned everything you need to learn the wide open spaces of new media platforms, Twitter especially, can seem like a waste of time. You would quickly see that there is so little you know that it could make it really difficult to continue being done learning. You could engage hundreds, if not thousands, of people in your field who could teach you, in real time, and that would just suck, so you should probably stay off of new media.

2. You don’t need to communicate to more people than you currently have access to

You’ve already achieved fame among your finely curated fiefdom and you can get them to buy enough of your widgets or attend enough of your events to pad your pockets just fine; why waste time trying to grow that audience?

3. You have built the perfect team that will never change

You have found that perfect team of all-stars and have the funds to pay them what they’re worth and you keep them motivated and passionate; you’re the greatest leader ever! You won’t need to engage in networking to add to your team or replace team members who have gone on to other things.

4. You are a jerk

New media is like alcohol, it amplifies the core of your personality. If you’re a jerk when you’re sober, you are likely an apocalyptic idiot when you’re drunk. If you engaged in social media, many more people would know that you are a tool and that’s something you want to keep an eye on.

So there you go, continue staying off new media, next time I’m near a fax machine I’ll get you an update on what living in the future is like.


#echo13 Digital Debrief

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 3.07.32 PM

I had a chance to chat with some of the brilliant people who mad the Echo Conference so great. I always like to debrief events like that to capture what I learned and to check in on what I missed.

Horse Meat, Ikea and Transparency



So there’s Ikea, minding their own business one day and someone discovers that a trace amount of horse meat is found in meatballs served at their cafe. I never knew Ikea even served food; do you have to assemble it yourself there at the cafe?

Ikea probably isn’t known for their food nor do they depend on it to have a thriving business model, after all they sell furniture. Yet a lack of transparency from one of their venders, who probably accounts for an immeasurably small line on the Ikea balance sheet, was found to have used horse meat in meatballs supplied to Ikea.

And in a flash Ikea has a PR fire to deal with.

Transparency is everything in our new, real time, communication world. Your organization simply does not have the resources or the power to control the message the way you once did in years past.

The only thing you can control about the message is how transparent you are and in that transparency you better have a good message because we can see right through you.

The old adage; sell for what the market will bear just doesn’t ring true anymore. No longer can you and your team scheme and strategize for how to game your ‘target’ into acting on your pitch. You have to have a real story that provides people with real value, because if word gets out you’re trying to slip one by, game over.

Re:Create 2013 Recap

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 10.03.34 AM

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 10.03.34 AM

Once again an amazing surprise filled week has come to an end and now it is time to put into action that gleaned from wonderful conversations with brilliant people. Here are my notes of things I learned and things I shared.


Burnout, avoiding burnout, recovering from burnout and everything that goes with that seemed to be a recurring theme this week and it was providential that Mike Woolley was on hand to share his wisdom on the matter.

Key take aways: slow down, don’t try to please everyone, be real about problems and don’t value some job over your well being.

Sunday Sucks

Another recurring theme was the various shortcomings of the Sunday morning ‘church’ experience. People fell into various camps on this one but most would agree that the ‘C’hurch has been phoning it in, at the very least, on the art and creativity side. Andy Crouch hinted at this in his talk and equated what the Church is producing with post cards rather than art…I think he’s right on.

The Sunday church experience is a pretty sacred cow to a lot of people (Boomers, older X-ers) and will take some time to rethink. I know I have some strong ideas about this.

Worship Music is Tired

This was an undertone both in the conversations I had and some of the content presented. Andy Crouch really drove it home with his talk. I love how he said it’s not so much about why artists are making terrible art but rather who/what in church culture trained people to want this crap? We CAN do better than this. I’m anxious to see what the next generation can come up with.


I was whipping my phone out throughout the week adding new tracks and artists to my ‘Recommended’ playlist. Heading into the week I assumed that literally everyone there would be on Spotify; I was shocked at how many people had not even heard of it. If music is important to you, get on Spotify now. If music is your career then you need to get Spotify Premium …NOW!

Various Highlights

For me, Andy Crouch was the absolute highlight of the week…hands down. I’ve seen him in action a couple of times before and I knew he would bring some fantastic creative wisdom.

Phil Madeira was a joy to listen to both in the interview and in concert.

Marridee’s, always the breakfast of choice at Re:Create now has some stiff competition right around the corner at Frothy Monkey.

2013 – Here We Go



Like most years in my role I get pretty dang busy from October right up until Christmas and I have to cut out some peripheral activities…like keeping the blog updated. So here’s a flyover of what’s coming up this year.

Re:Create Conference – February 4-7
Re:Create is an intimate gathering that has become close to my heart and an important part of my year. It’s kind of a hybrid between a retreat and a conference.

SXSW Interactive – March 8-12
In terms of content, this is the most important conference of the year for me. The conversations regarding culture, sociology  technology and creativity are un-matched by any other single gathering. If understanding culture and the future direction of society is valuable to what you do…you need to consider attending.

Echo Conference – July 24-26 tentative
I’m noodling with the idea of heading up to Dallas for Echo Conference. It presents a good opportunity to connect with people and hang out. The content is on the 101 side of things so I encourage a lot of people who are newer to creative roles in church space to check it out.

Cycling Events
I’m working through my event schedule right now but I expect to be at all the early season Texas classics with Bat City Cycling. I’ll also be at some spring events like Coldspring, possibly Joe Martin stage race. I’m also looking to head to Northern California for Levi’s Gran Fondo which gives me a chance to go see my family

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