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From time to time it’s nice to take an inventory of what I’m using in terms of social media, what’s working and what’s not. I want to make sure I maximize my time and put the right content in the right place. Here’s a look at what I’m using currently in terms of platforms and tools.


Twitter is still my main social media channel above all others. It’s a non stop cocktail party that remains the most real time social network out there. I use it to connect with colleagues, expand my network and share with friends.

Twitter Tools

Tweetdeck is my main weapon on twitter. I read and compose on my computers on it. I manage several accounts and generally consume via a few lists. I don’t often flip through the column of everyone I follow. I’m using the last version of actual Tweetdeck from before Twitter took over and made changes I didn’t like.

Very similar to the old Tweetdeck on Android which is why I now use it since the old Tweetdeck has been mothballed by Twitter.

Connect with me on Twitter


Still primarily a connect point for people I already know. I’ve started to ramp up personal activity on Facebook. Last year when they changed how viewable items were based on content type and where the post is generated I found I was getting the best results by posting directly on the site or in the official Facebook app on my phone.

Connect with me on Facebook


This has started to grow on me. As a photographer with a formal training I keep this one focused on the images. I don’t follow people who use it as a life stream with pictures of their kids, dogs and ‘inspiring quotes’.

Connect with me on Instagram


This is my cycling stream. I post cycling specific content and follow cycling Tumblrs. I mostly just use the website as well as tell Instagram to post there when it’s a cycling photo.

Connect with me on Tumblr


I’m loving Spotify! It’s definitely a game changer. It’s also a lot more of a social network than people give it credit for. I have started to kick it up a notch by following specific people, curating great playlists and even opening some up to be editable by my friends. The premium version is more than worth the ten bucks a month.

Connect with me on Spotify


Strava was launched primarily as a cycling site where you upload your ride data and ‘compete’ against other riders on the same segments of road and trail. They’ve since added the ability to load up running data and other sports. I even uploaded a skateboard session. I’ve found it to be much more social than some of the other similar apps out there. I’ve connected with people I didn’t previously know and have connected for bike rides with them. Really cool.

Connect with me on Strava


Foursquare is my go to for finding places to go. I tend to only check in at interesting places rather than every single place I go. I check in at my favorite restaurants, stores and businesses in an effort to have my check-ins mean something.

Connect with me on foursquare

The outsiders

MySpace launched a new site a couple months ago. I signed up. I don’t quite get it but I’ll check in from time to time to see if it can have any use. I have yet to work Google+ or LinkedIn into my stable of social media mainly because I can’t find a use for them yet.

2 thoughts on “Social Media Reset

  1. Great overviews. Really like the update you to did to your site.

    March 20, 2014 at 5:49 am
    1. Vince

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