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At conferences and in conversations I bring up the concept of shelf life a lot in terms of content. I’m talking about how long a piece of content can have a life after it is first published. Content that is based around current events tends to not have a very long shelf life where as content that is art first often has a very long shelf life.

I bring this up because we have a wonderful example of this happening right now before our eyes.

A video, ‘Wooden Heart‘ by the ‘talk music’ artists Listener that was posted on Vimeo in December of 2010 has, as of right now, 2,681 views of which 2102 have come in the last two days.

In Listener’s defense the same video on YouTube has garnered 12K views to date since YouTube is a¬†significantly¬†larger site than Vimeo.

Why did it take 7 months for the video to finally get this attention? After all it is an awesome piece of art.

A quick search in Google News and we can trace where and when it was posted on blogs.

Monday morning it was submitted by a user to a site we manage, and also appeared here and here.

Tuesday it was posted here and here.

It continues to grow through this network of blogs and Twitter that are all connected in the Christian content camp.

Granted, this isn’t a massive case of going Viral, it is just a couple thousand at this point.

The video has the right elements to give it the shelf life to survive at least until it was given the large platforms of and

When we are going to put a lot of resources (this is relative) into a piece of content, like a short film, it is a good idea to design it with shelf life in mind because there is no telling when it may get put on a bigger platform than we might immediately have access to.

One thought on “Shelf life

  1. Vince! Great stuff. Couldn’t agree more. What’s crazy is all the beautiful, creative, well-done stories that take so long before the fire spreads. But the beauty of this flat, connected world is that just one of us can be that spark now for the creative light that needs to be seen.

    June 9, 2011 at 3:05 pm

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