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Communication has seen a rapid change in the last couple years. Most of that shift coming from the demand side as people have changed their content consumption habits and content creators  have had to play catch up. People are going to less movies, reading less newspapers, watching less cable and network television.

When I was taking my public speaking and homiletics classes in college the entire focus was on delivery. How to talk. How to stand. How to look around the room. How to not be boring. There was very little focus on understanding what the consumers of my talking were thinking our how to cater to their needs in any given environment.

This is where design comes in.

No longer is it good enough to simply make something that works. Or to simply write out an idea. Gone are the days where you can walk on stage with your notes and do the talking head thing for 40 minutes.

Communication needs design just as much as anything…and maybe more.

Enter the film Objectified.

It’s a film about design but as a watched it I understood that design wasn’t just about tools, furniture and living spaces.

Design is the vehicle that communicates the idea of what an object is and how to use it.

The film takes you on a journey of stories from different people at different places in the world of design and as I watched it I couldn’t help but draw the¬†parallels to communications.

If you teach, write or in anyway communicate, you must watch this film.

If you watch it and don’t get it, take an inventory of how relevant you…because things are changing have changed.

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Vince Marotte is a communicator, futurist, speaker and consultant. He dwells in creative spaces and lives with ideas. Never satisfied with the status quo, he is always looking for a better way to do things. He recently wrote Context and Voice—communication design in our new media culture and also contributes regularly to Outreach Magazine.

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