Art & Copy

I have been reinventing leadership in my mind for the last couple years. I’d like to think I’m changing the way leaders think all over the world but I’m pretty sure I’m not.

The way leaders communicate has changed from one way platforms to dialogue, conversation and story. I watched the film Art & Copy a few months ago and it really impacted me on a couple thoughts, but one in particular that anyone who desires to move people into action can learn from:

If your story can add value to someone’s life without them ‘buying’ what you’re selling then you’ve nailed it.

This is the new standard. The reality is that the current generation is very good at ignoring you and is overwhelmed by stimuli.

So for you, a communicator, the point is to keep the conversation going so that you earn the right to make the ask (again). If you try to close too fast you’re just going to get ignored.

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