New Leadership Essentials | Pt 1 – dying skills

Leadership skills matter. I don’t think the personality of a what makes a great leader has changed much in the last 50 years, but I think the core skill set has.

In the past the core three skills have been:

The ability to articulate with passion and conviction a plan to move your organization from point A to point B.

It’s dying because: We think more globally and collectively so our culture has it’s mind (and heart) on much bigger things than your little¬†organization.

Stand in front of a room full of people or a camera and captivate them with your chops. Just the ability to talk went a long way in the past.

It’s dying because: Content creation has become so easy that your mom and the 11 year old kid in their room can publish ‘movies’ and other content for the entire world to see. Your platform doesn’t matter anymore.

A powerful person can own an entire room full of people. It’s that simple. I’m not talking about your core personality, but your learned interaction skills.

It’s dying because: The majority of the people you are communicating too rarely, if ever, are in the same room with you.

A great leader in the past had this three skills wired and could combine them to accomplish great things with their organizations.

So what are these three skills being replaced with? I’ll take a stab at it tomorrow, but in until then…what do you think?

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Vince Marotte is a communicator, futurist, speaker and consultant. He dwells in creative spaces and lives with ideas. Never satisfied with the status quo, he is always looking for a better way to do things. He recently wrote Context and Voice—communication design in our new media culture and also contributes regularly to Outreach Magazine.

6 thoughts on “New Leadership Essentials | Pt 1 – dying skills”

  1. I think these three things are absolutely still needed, it's just the context that changes. Vision would still be crucial to show how somebody's "little organization" fits within a larger global context. Communication is absolutely still needed, perhaps even more when you don't have nonverbal cues to rely on as much (maybe you should say "public speaking" is dying and being replaced my something else). Charisma, also, is still crucial. Just because the people you're leading aren't in the same room doesn't mean you don't need to interact with them personally and effectively.

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