2010 | non essential goals

For my job I have been mapping out some goals for this year and it had me thinking; ‘what about personal goals?’. I’m not talking about those serious ones we all get caught up in, losing weight, quit smoking, etc. I was thinking more on the not mission critical goals tip. So here they are:

Shoot under par at Wilco
I have shot par twice at Wilco, but only on my best days. There’s only a few scoring opportunities for people like me who can’t throw 500 feet, the rest of the holes you just need to survive.

30 inches
At my peak in college I measured in at 38″ standing vertical and was getting over 40″ at game time. It was really the only thing was good at on the court. I haven’t dunked all over someone in a long time…I think I need to change that this year, I’m shooting for 30 inches.

7 ply
I’m going to get my kids on skateboards this year. It’s time they learned about the maple and urethane that saved my life.

What are some non-essential goals you have this year?

3 thoughts on “2010 | non essential goals

  1. Seem like reasonable goals. Perhaps I should set some for myself. Happy New Year, Vince!

    January 1, 2010 at 1:34 pm

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