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Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction singing ‚ÄòGirl, you‚Äôll be a woman soon‚ÄôI have been super busy this week at the computer. One of those weeks that has had ‘tent making’ in front of ministry. When I really need to bury my head in some work, I run a movie on one of my monitors. Sometimes that placement of a song in a movie can create an amazing scene. Not unlike Tom Cruise in Risky Business with Seger’s ‘Old Time Rock ‘n Roll’. Here are the three best music placement scenes in my three favorite movies.

  • Snatch | ‘golden brown’ by The Stranglers. The scene where Mickey knocks out Gorgeous George. The song just feels like being knocked out. |VIDEO|
  • Get Shorty | ‘panacea’ by DJ Greyboy. The scene where Chili walks into the restaurant and kicks some butt on the stairs. Cool is the only way to describe it. Plus I’m a big greyboy fan…which is probably the real reason I like it. |VIDEO|
  • Pulp Fiction | ‘girl, you’ll be a women soon’ by Neil Diamond performed by Urge Overkill. My wife always has music on and isn’t bashful about grooving and singing along. |VIDEO|

What’s your favorite music scene from a movie?

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